Thursday, October 7, 2010

An omnious warning

So I was at my sisters house and we were being productive members of society and we began talking about something interesting. It began by watching a youtube video about a ghost. We began to talk about the human connection to each other. You ever notice how you can feel someone staring at you? Why is that? Why can't we feel other animals looking at us? You ever notice you can also feel someone near you when you are sleeping and wake up? What about how we can usually tell when someone we know lies?

How is it we can think of the same things at the same time? How can we tell sometimes what someone is thinking or feeling.

Random blog. tell me what you think or if you think i am completely dumb.


  1. I'd say everyone's wired in the same way to some extent.. That possibly leads to thinking about the same things.. It's probably even more likely since you two are related, and have similar gene structures. That's just my 2 cents..

  2. Oh, you guys are silly. You can't 'feel' someone staring at you.

  3. i can feel my dog watching me... i bet he's hungry haha

  4. feeling someone wathcing u? hmm, that sounds wierd